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Located on the ground floor of The Emily Hotel, Fora is a seafood-forward restaurant and patio in Chicago’s West Loop. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients our chefs create unforgettable dishes that pay homage to traditional techniques. Everything you see, smell, taste, and touch are inspired by the beaches of Tulum, the streets of Mexico City, and the lands of Oaxaca. A space designed for togetherness, the dining experience at Fora promises to enliven your senses. So settle in, luxuriate in every sip and surprise yourself with every bite.

At Fora we’re serious about sourcing quality ingredients and our masa program is a direct reflection of that commitment. All of our masa dishes are handcrafted using organic heirloom varietals, sourced form small family-owned farms across Mexico. Varietals include Maiz Olotillo, Bolillo Amarillo, Chalaque Blanco and Xocoyol Rasado. We’re also starting our very own crop in our rooftop garden, growing Oaxacan green and Zuni blue varietals.

All of our masa goes through the traditional nixtamalization process that has been used in Mexico for thousands of years. It's our goal to pay homage to traditional techniques and celebrated ingredients while weaving in unexpected methods and flavors to create a truly unique dining experience. 

Designed by award-winning firm, Ste. Marie Design Group, Fora’s space echoes The Emily Hotel’s commitment to embracing artists from near and far.

The restaurant’s entrance and waiting area features a painted work by Chicago based artist, Raspy Rivera, the hotel’s inaugural Artist in Residence. Textile work in the space comes from Vita Boehme’s artist, Jessica Alejandra, who is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida. Fora’s mirror piece was created by Candice Luter, an Iowa-based fiber artist and interior designer. The plates that adorn the restaurant’s walls were gathered from an array of sources, including Every Story Studio out of Nottingham, England, YomYom Ceramic by Joseph Malca from Israel and Pottery Props by Paula in Madrid, Spain.